At Lemon Auto Services, we are well Facilitated with all your vehicle electrical engineering services including;>. wiring, spare parts, car accessories and installation services, diagnostic and immobilized key programming services plus a wide range of automotive products and services to simplify your car performance and standards. GPF/OPF Removal, DPF Removal, EGR Removal, DTC Removal, ADBlue Removal, HOT Start Fix, IMMO Removal, Readiness Calibration,, Traction reset, gearbox relearn, BCM/BSI/PSI coding, Flaps / Swirl Removal, TVA Removal, Sport Displays Calibration, Cold Start Noise Reduction Kickdown, Deactivation, StartStop Disable, MAF Removal, Speed, Limiter Removal, Torque Monitoring Disable, Burbles Activation, Popcorn Activation, EVAP Removal, tuning solution, ecu repairing, BMS/BPCM, Lambda/02 Removal, Launch Control, OBD Reading Protection Boost Sensor, Calibration, LC, AL, Checksum Fix 

We have the best auto Electrical service and equipment for services like engine wiring, electrical engineering, immobilized key 🗝 programming and replacement, ecu repairing, vehicle diagnosis, wiring and genuine quality electrical spare parts like Fuel pumps, spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel pressure pumps, air /  mass flow meters, oxygen sensors, pickers, cold start switches, injectors and injector control modules, Engine control modules and more other car spare parts in genuine quality from the best manufacturers for all brands and models all over the Globe. 

For the best maintenance and repair services like engine oil change, Air conditioning system, fuel filtering, oil filters and Air filters, wheel alignment, battery services and many others are only found at Lemon Auto Services. 

In the field of auto detailing, vacuuming and other car body and interior designs like frame structures, panel beating, spraying, T-cut and pasting, stickers and genuine quality car body parts like side mirrors, bumpers, fenders, boots, bonnets, lamps both front and rear, doors and mirrors and more many others to give the best looks on the road. 

When it comes to car accessories, you are assured of excellence and satisfaction because we have all your desirable car accessories from different makers and manufacturers in genuine quality to give you the best designs. 

At Lemon Auto Services, it does not end on repairs or spare parts but we also come up to help you secure your car from thugs, un permitted drives, scratches, unknown sorroundings and theft protection with our car security systems like car Alarming systems, car tracking systems and secret buttons for the safety of your car in genuine quality and safety assurance. 

We come again to keep you informed that we are always in research and keep updating our services more often to get you the best from the best. 


We do our services not based on cram or folks but we took time and made analysis on how to serve you with professionalism and integrity. 

Internet of things

As in the modern world nowadays, the internet has been a great platform for businesses, personal users, and those seeking for answers, that's what gave us more to learn and give you more from us. 

Machine Learning

As Facilitated with all mechanical and electrical equipment, we do not end using them for auto repair use only but go on and teach them to those that want to Learn how to use them.